Fenix NTA Colours

FENIX NTA contains real metal in the surface while retaining all the key FENIX characteristics: extremely matt, soft to touch, anti-fingerprint, and thermal repairability of micro-scratches.

FENIX NTA is available in three stunning metallic options that reference steel, muted platinum, and champagne gold. As with the other FENIX options, FENIX NTA can be used as a vertical and horizontal metallic feature in both commercial and residential spaces.


0.7mm FENIX NTA sheets are available in two sizes: 3050x1300mm and 4200x1300mm
1.2mm FENIX NTA Colour Core is available in 4200x1300mm full sheets and 4200x200mm strips which are ideal for edge clashing.

Please note: FENIX NTA is directional. Grain direction is indicated by the arrows on the protective film. 


All New Zealand stocked FENIX ranges and colours can be supplied as a ‘pressed panel’ for vertical and horizontal applications.

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Colour matched ABS edging is available in Standard PU ABS. All edging is available in 23mm and 43mm widths x 1mm thickness.


All FENIX innovative materials for interior design are independently certified as Carbon Neutral.

APT is committed to planting – and protecting – one native tree in New Zealand for every FENIX sheet, panel and sink sold. In addition, a native tree will be planted for every product delivery.

Read more about APT's environmental initiatives here >

Acciaio Hamilton 5000

Acciaio Hamilton 5000

Argento Dukat 5001

Argento Dukat 5001

Oro Cortez 5003

Oro Cortez 5003